Web Design

A way to creatively communicate information to the social world

Good Web Design is all about transforming your message into a simple visual form in order to help your audience understand complex messages.  A good web design effectively communicates your messages to visitors and ensures they become valuable customers.  At TiqOnWeb, we have a team of experts that have a passion for building websites and can help you turn your website into your most effective lead generator.

On-Line Shop

Reach customers globally and grow business

Over the past ten years, eCommerce has grown rapidly and enabled fast, simple retail sales. The increasing use of mobile devices has also contributed to this growth.  This shows that customers feel confident to transact via mobile devices and this has transformed the way people shop from on-site shopping to on-line shopping.  TiqOnWeb has the ability to build on-line shops as an accessible tool to reach and attract customers globally.

Web Analytics

Understand your visitors' behaviour by analysing the data

Web analytics enables you to understand the behaviour of visitors, such as what they do on your website, how they got there, and what keywords they used to reach your website.  TiqOnWeb offers you a packaged solution that can help you analyse visitor behaviour and improve the effectiveness of your communication as well as giving a better user experience.

Package Solutions

We provide a package that focus on website solution

Web Design

Web development is our passion; our team consists of experienced people in this area.

Mobile Compatibiliy

Our design is already compatible with a range of popular mobile devices.

On-line Shop

We can help your business to reach the market globally and transform your visitors into customers.

Web Analytics

We can help you to understand your visitors' behaviour and add value by offering you advice, not just data.

Web Hosting

We also provide hosting services; you don't have to worry about where your website will be located.


We can do more; let us discuss what technology can do for your business.

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